Ayutthaya – Back in Time and Reunited with Temple Ruins

Bangkok is always one of the preferred destination for everyone but not many know that Ayutthaya can be a day trip in your agenda while you’re in Bangkok. While I was in Vientiane spending my few days there before heading to Udon Thani, I did some research where can I go before heading straight to Bangkok and meet my best friend. Anyhow, I have a day to spare before my friend reach Bangkok. So did my research and then TripAdvisor pops out – Ayutthaya (a small city which has nice temple ruins).

Ayutthaya – Background and history

The Ayutthaya Kingdom was once the Siamese Kingdom in the Far East from 14th century to the 18th century. It was one of the largest cities in the region during that time. Today, Ayutthaya remains (temple ruins) is one of the main attractions in Thailand and since then being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Access to Ayutthaya can be convenient. There are plenty of organized tours in Bangkok (usually cost a lot), but if you would like to go for a cheaper alternative – you can go by bus (2 hours) and cost around 200 baht return trip! Definitely it is easy to access and go around – rent a bike if possible!

Oh yes, just if you do not know – Ayutthaya is where the famous boat noodle are originally from!

wat phra mahathat

It was the image of the Buddha head entwined in the tree roots that first brought me here to Ayutthaya! This is definitely one the place in Ayutthaya that you won’t want to miss. Although the Buddha head is the most famous relic or I would say the most picturesque place, it’s complex is also the attractions and you can spent hours wandering around the ruins. I definitely enjoy walking around the site and literally spend two hours in this complex (and oh yes, I got sun-burn!)  Nevertheless, well worth the 50 baht I spent on the entrance fee!

wat phra Si sanpeth & the ancient royal palace

Continuing on from Wat Phra Mahathat, I went to Wat Phra Si Sanpeth and the ancient Royal Palace. To summarize the Royal Palace in three words – Big / Gorgeous and of course it’s photogenic! Since the temple was on the grounds of the royal palace itself, it was meant for use by the kings of Ayutthaya only – even the monks didn’t live in the temple itself. Other people were only allowed in on special occasions, such as swearing allegiances and such.

On the other hand, there are also ancient remnants located beside the Royal Palace. It is like a big park with few stupas (reportedly holding the ashes of the kings). I would say it’s fun to explore around but the scorching sun could make your day worse!

Night market & traditional boat noodle!

When you’re in Ayutthaya, you can never miss out the traditional boat noodle. Yes, you may had tried this before in Bangkok or even in your home country, but little did I know (I was told by locals) that boat noodle is originally from Ayutthaya. No matter the street vendors or small restaurants, they all sell boat noodle in an affordable price (10 baht to 20 baht per bowl). You should try this when you’re here in Ayutthaya.

If you happen to stay a night here in Ayutthaya before heading back to Bangkok, why not go to the night market and you will be able to find lots of delicious food, ranging from fried chicken chop, sushi, mango sticky rice and their delicious snacks – bugs!  Yes! I’m not kidding! Many street vendors sell bugs like bees, grasshoppers from 30 baht onwards depending on your preferred portion!

Oh yes, they have lots of choices for sushi, and it costs 5 baht to 10 baht each!


Ayutthaya is really a best place to escape yourself from the tall buildings, chaotic streets of Bangkok! A day trip would be enough to explore the ancient temple ruins of Ayutthaya. If possible, stay a night here before heading back to Bangkok! – Stockhome Hostel is where you can find your comfort at an affordable price! Before you leave, don’t forget to try the boat noodle and of course, if you’re dare, top up yourself with some bug as snacks!

Day(s) recommended in Ayutthaya: 1 day trip / 2 Days 1 Night if possible.

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