Golden Triangle : Much Like A Tourist Trap!

Golden Triangle (not to confused with Golden Triangle in India) is a special economic trade zone for 3 countries mainly Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Back than, the Golden Triangle has been an area well-known for the opium growing. Although now Opium has been banned completely in these 3 countries, this place lives on the cultivation of tourists and been doubted one of the largest tourist trap in Northern Thailand.

Similar to all the tourist traps, tourists who came to Golden Triangle are being brought by tour guides or agencies. Some just drop by while en-route to border crossing into Laos. However, I still believe this Golden Triangle is a tourist trap because it has nothing to offer – not even the scenery or Don Xao Island able to amaze me.

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Since it is a boring tourist trap, nothing much can be done in this tourist attractions except for 2 things. Taking photo and boat riding to one of the island in Laos – Don Xao Island. For me, I found it quite boring for the Golden Triangle tour. It seems like the whole tour is all about looking each other’s country in the middle of the river. However, if you have a day to spare in Northern Thailand, you may consider this Golden Triangle. At least you had visited this Special Economic Zone at the end of the day.

don xao island – laos

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After the 30 minutes boat ride, we disembark at the opposite island named Don Xao Island in Laos. I never heard of this island before but it was mentioned that it is an island which popular for its exotic Lao whisky. You will be introduced various kind of exotic animals being used for whisky production such as snakes, scorpions, lizards and even tiger’s penis (allegedly boost up your sexual activities for man). Not sure if it’s true, but it is one kind of an experience. You even get the chance to try the whisky. Unlimited free flow! The problem is – do you even dare?

Apart from these exotic whisky, tourists who came to this island will usually end up buying cheap cigarettes which cost 2 times cheaper than its neighbour, Thailand. For the rest, it’s just a small village place for you to hang around. Beware – You may even encountered some child begging for money!

You might be asking me – “Do you recommend me to go?” . I would say yes, only if you have time to spare while you’re in Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai. If your schedule is tight, forget about it. It’s just an ex opium growing field which had turned into a tourist trap!



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  1. Great information, mate! Several years back, when I was travelling to Thailand, I had a mixed bunch of experiences in that country. I love the country but not the rampant prostitution.

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