Traveling, Something Meaningful to Me


When the word “travel” comes in our mind, we will eventually think that lots of money will be spent. In fact, travel isn’t that expensive if you know the techniques on hunting cheap tickets and probably your travel lifestyle. I never knew travel would be so cheap and affordable until 2014, when I have my first trip with a friend of mine in Indonesia. That’s how my backpack story begins.

Many of my friends or even frequent readers like you would ask – What inspires you to travel? For today’s post – before I head to my next trip in couple of days (Thailand & Laos), I want to share why travel has been something meaningful to me and it will last forever.

Seeing & Trying Things Differently


Honestly, travel allows me to see and try things differently. When you’re traveling, you get the chance to try lots of things in a different way which we will not do it when we are not traveling. For example, In Bandung – I get to try an exotic delicacies which locals didn’t get to try which is the monitor lizard meat. Not only that, you get the chance to look at things differently from another perspective and images. In other word, expect the unexpected.

However, a tip to share – Do not plan your trip as planning for your meeting schedule. Sometimes things go unplanned is greater than planned.

Making New Friends


We might have hundreds to thousands of friends in our circle. If you’re an extrovert like me, you will always tend to look for more friends especially those who lives at the other part of the world. In order to get to know more friends, the only way is by traveling. Traveling indeed allow us to get to know more friends particularly from other countries. This is only the way you could understand one another’s culture and behavior. It doesn’t matter where you all will end up one day, as long as you made some connection, it will helps you to plan your next trip in a more easy way.

Be open minded and friendly, surely you will find that making new friends is not that hard despite all the language barriers and proficiency. My only advise.

Experience The Life of Locals

First night in Vientiane and buying dinner from street vendors along the Mekong.

If you are traveling in tour or shopping is only in your agenda, hence, I would say you never going to experience the life of the locals. What makes traveling so interesting is that – you get the chance to experience the life of locals. Not like typical monks going to pray every noon but the life of an ordinary locals who work hard for their life beside the street by selling pancakes. The real traveling is understanding the locals especially their life. This is what I find it meaningful.

Talk to the locals as much as you can to understand more better. This is what the meaning of traveling is. Forget the language barrier. We are all the same -Human.


Processed with Moldiv

We Only Live Once! Yes, it’s just once. You gonna be lucky if you got twice but for most, it’s once. Therefore, let us do things in a different way which of course – it is legal to do so. For example, traveling allows me to do things which I don’t even expect I am doing. What about trying monitor lizard meat in Indonesia? I bet not much people had tried this before but because of my philosophy #YOLO, I told myself I have to do that. Anyhow, it turns up a good meal too. I don’t mind having it more for free! =D

Be brave and try to explore as much as you could when you get the chance to do so. Remember that, live your life without regrets.


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