Traveling Abroad – Staying Safe

Perhaps you may have heard about someone whether our friends or other travellers saying that they had been robbed in a dark alley, having their passport stolen or conned along the way. These are all horrible experiences that no one wants to go through while traveling since it is one of the best activities you would do in life. Sometimes traveling alone or even with friends is not as dangerous as you think. The important thing is that you should be well prepared and take proper precautions to ensure your safety. Here I will share how one can do to ensure safe even before or while traveling.

  1. Learn their Language!

It can be tough to learn a foreign language. However, even a phrase or two common phrase might help a lot. Imagine if you’re traveling to a places without anyone speaking English, you will find it hard to even navigate your way. Perhaps one should learn at least few common phrase like ‘How Much’ ‘Hello’. Besides, learning their language help you to blend in with the locals much easier.

  1. Do your research!

I don’t always encourage people to plan their trip itinerary because sometimes the best moment are always created by surprise. However, this doesn’t mean I am not planning to do research on that certain place. It is important to do your research on the places you’re about to travel especially on the accommodations and some important transportation schedule. Not to miss are the attractions as well. Make sure you have your contingency plan too!

  1. Buy an Insurance

No No! It’s a wrong thing to skip the insurance. You should buy an insurance before you even travel. For those who are a solo backpackers, you should buy an insurance. Although it may seems an extra cost of travel. However, what if something happen to you in foreign country and you’re not covered by insurances? You going to pay more for the medical fees than the insurances. In other words, don’t save a dollar on insurance because you might end up paying thousands for your medical fees!

  1. Keep a copy of your important documents

Always remember to make a copy of every important documents you have with you especially passport. Sometimes shit does happen. For example, you lost your passport while you’re traveling. But having a photocopy of your passport details, you are able to solve your problems and worries in the embassy easily.

  1. Blend in like a Chameleon

In order to avoid being scam or con all the way, one should blend into the culture or tradition of the country as if they are the chameleons. It is important to act like you know the local customs and tradition in order to avoid bad things happen to you. Not only that, solo backpackers should try to blend in easily with other backpackers in hostel as making friends would make your day easier while traveling.

Now it seems like not hard right? All you need to know this 5 golden rules and you are about to enjoy your trip with less worries!


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  1. Thank you for a nice list. 🙂

    1. Elton Hiew says:

      Hi Jesper. Youre welcome! Do drop by more often and follow my blog!

    1. Elton Hiew says:

      Thanks for dropping by. Do follow my blog for more updates =)

      1. vinneve says:

        Something is wrong with your site. It says you have deleted it already.

  2. Elton Hiew says:

    Hi Vinn. My blog –

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